Friday, March 25, 2011

Another nursery update :)

Slowly but surely we are adding to the nursery and I finally got to get some PINK in the space! We added the crib to the room (Bedding will be here in about 6 weeks!!). We hung the curtains from This Little Home love love love how it they turned out and the black out panel is awesome! The room is so dark when its shut! Which hopefully help the little princess sleep soundly!

I REALLY wanted to do something fun on the ceiling. I knew wallpaper was too much of an undertaking right now but I found these adorable flowers from Urban Walls on Etsy! I actually just ordered a few more because I felt like I needed a little more coverage. A photo really does not do this justice... I ADORE how it turned out!


View from the door and close-up of a ceiling flower.
A few little decoration on the door ;) another view (from the rocker)
of the crib, decals, and curtains!
Up next:

Hanging the custom frames of the crib
Ordering a flag panel
Hang the light fixture I bought this weekend
Finding a book shelf I can paint hot pink
Ordering the official pillow from Perfect Chance Memories

Any ideas I need to incorporate?!!! Thoughts?


Desirae said...

What are custom frames of the crib
a flag panel? I'm trying to visualize here and I can't cause I don't have a clue what those are...the wall that the crib is on is missing some popping color...maybe you have plans for this already though :)

Nicole Faby said...

Custom cribs ABOVE the crib! And they are a pop of color! Hot pink and teal stacked :)

Maybe flag banner is a better description?!

Desirae said...

Do you know when you will have the custom cribs?? I am interested in seeing them! Sorry I am very visual :) I would say hot pink & teal are def a splash of color ;) It looks great though...very calm, yet colorful!

Just Jackie said...

I love it! Springy and serene. And a room Baby Girl Faby can grow with. You are a super mama!

Mickie said...

I can't believe how big the room looks! And I love the designs on the ceiling. I wish we didn't have popcorn ceilings.